Year End Report of Intersex and Faith activities in 2018

Thank you to all of our donors for partnering with us to Advocate With, Educate Others, and Support Intersex people as we work to help faith communities welcome those outside the male/female binary.

2018 End of Year Report

 Intersex and Faith, a 501(c)(3) was incorporated a little less than two years ago. Our mission is to help communities of faith make room for those born outside the male-female binary. We hope to do that through advocacy, education, and support.

 In 2018, we were blessed with two major grants. Our first ones. Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice awarded us with $5000 to spend on general operations. The BTS Center awarded Megan $20,000 to spend on developing educational curricula.

 Generous private contributors continue to support our efforts. We understand how sacrificial some giving is. Small gifts are just as important as large ones.


 In July, Lianne attended the Revoice Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Although the event wasn’t specifically about intersex, we saw it as a way to build relationships with conservative Christians. The pastor of the PCA host church was happy to speak with Lianne about intersex.

 As the denominational reaction to the Revoice Conference grew, it looked like the PCA might come up with an official position not only on the Revoice Conference but on sex and gender. Lianne contacted several leaders within the Nashville Presbytery of the PCA, offering to provide information on intersex.

 In November, the Calvary Presbytery of the PCA asked the General Assembly to state its agreement with the Nashville Statement. Lianne contacted various leaders, pointing out the positions of Dr. Denny Burk, the President of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and one of the architects of the Nashville Statement.

Although the Nashville Statement isn’t clear regarding intersex, Dr. Burk reduces sex to the presence or absence of a Y chromosome. Consequently, he would consider a woman with the complete form of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome to be male in spite of being born with a vagina and having a spontaneous feminizing puberty.

 In 2018, Lianne contacted more than 100 members of the leadership of the PCA, encouraging them to consider the reality of intersex before making public statements regarding sex and gender.


 In the Spring of 2018, Megan—with the help of Paul Van Ness of Van Ness Creative—finished our documentary, Stories of Intersex and Faith. She and Paul have been entering the film in various festivals.

 Megan continues with the work of developing curricula for use in a small group setting. To refine the materials, she has been making presentations at church groups.


 In July, Lianne attended the AIS-DSD Conference and presented a workshop. After several emails, she finally met face-to-face with a Christian missionary who is also intersex. They talked about possible cooperation on future activities.

 Megan and Lianne both responded to quite a few individuals who contacted them via the website. If you have questions or concerns, write to us!

 We continue to build our network so that—in the near future—we may more effectively provide support for intersex adults and the parents of intersex children.