Documentary Progress

Thanks to the help of the donations of friends like you we are nearing the end of production of Stories of Intersex and Faith!


In March Paul and Megan flew to Phoenix at the invitation of Phoenix Children's Hospital to join them at their local support group meeting and 10 year anniversary celebration of the opening of their clinic. We can't wait to share their story with you about how positive change is beginning.

Since then we have been editing, shooting b-roll to replace stock footage with our own video, and sharing drafts with experts and novices to refine the message. THE GOOD NEWS: We are getting encouraging feedback. 

Tiger Devore.jpg

Intersex activist, Tiger Devore PhD, says: 

"What a beautiful, inspiring, moving piece you have created here.  I think it’s incredibly important that communities of faith be brought into advocacy for stopping early childhood surgeries on intersex people, and this documentary is a great tool to effect that awareness."  

We also recently partnered with Joel Markus of m, inc., an incredibly talented graphic designer who is bringing our documentary to the next level and helping us finish the work so that we can submit it for film festivals to get the word out to the wider public.

But we still need your help! At present, we do not have the funds to complete the project much less begin marketing and submitting application fees to film festivals. Without support, these important stories will not reach the audiences that so desperately need to hear them.

Please continue talking about our project with your friends and networks and directing them to watch our trailer to see for themselves what Stories of Intersex and Faith is all about and why it is so urgent we share these stories with the wider public.