Working together

to support, advocate with, and educate others

about intersex people

to help faith communities welcome those

born outside the male/female binary.

We are producing a feature-length documentary, Stories of Intersex and Faith, which tells the extraordinary stories of five intersex people, allowing viewers to experience what it feels like to be invisible in our culture and subject to abuse and shame simply for being born different. Their stories also illuminate unique perspectives about gender, faith, and life; perspectives which are particularly timely for a culture conflicted by questions about sex and gender. Learn more the project on our IndieGoGo campaign site. While this fundraising campaign is closed, you can still donate to the project through a tax-deductible donation to Intersex and Faith

Watch our 4 minute trailers below:


Intersex is a broad label for people with differences of sex development (DSDs)people whose bodies show physical characteristics of both male and female. 


Lianne tells her story of growing up intersex and Christian in this 5 minute video: