Does your church need help learning how to talk about sex and gender? 

We can help!

Thanks to support from the Bangor Theological Seminary Center, we have started production of a 6 week video curriculum for adult Sunday School classes and small groups.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Scripture and the New Science of Gender 

This series expands on the stories in our documentary, complementing them with teaching from pastors and other religious leaders, providing tools for healthy discussions, so that Christians can integrate their growing understanding of gender within their own church tradition.

Understanding Complexity, Navigating Conflict, Equipping the Church

Many leaders in theologically conservative congregations want to equip their people for better conversations about gender but fear church conflict and schism. Many parishioners remains suspicious of science that doesn’t seem to fit with their readings of the Bible. Watching people of faith, whose bodies do not conform to our assumptions about male and female, share their personal testimonies offers conservative Christians a place to begin conversations about topics some fear to be off-limits. Meanwhile, progressive churches may be “welcoming” in theory, but their lack of knowledge about biological sex diversity can manifest in blind spots to practical matters of inclusion and the unique needs of intersex people and their families. Few understand how intersex people differ from LGBTQ people. Through careful study of Scripture participants are able to place their growing knowledge of gender science in the context of Christian faith, theology, and the gospel. 

In the spring of 2017, Dr. DeFranza was approached by an Evangelical Covenant church to help them begin discussions about sex, gender, and sexuality to enable their church to have more informed, charitable conversations. We had originally scheduled 4 Sunday evening sessions but they found it so helpful the pastor asked if we could extend 2 more weeks!