Intersex and Faith was born from a partnership between Lianne Simon and Megan DeFranza. Read about how we got started here.

Lianne Simon is a Christian intersex woman and advocate. Author of Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite and A Proper Young Lady. You can learn more about her at personal website.

 Megan K. DeFranza is a non-intersex Christian woman. She is a theologian with a Ph.D. in religious studies and author of Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God among other publications. Learn more at her personal website.

Meet our Advisory Board:

Jeff Campbell, MD, Urology, Colorado Children’s Hospital

Patrick T. Smith, PhD,Theological Ethics and Bioethics, Duke University

Kimberly Zieselman, JD, Executive Director, InterACT Advocates

Judi Herring, MD, Urologic Oncology, TEDx Speaker

Donovan Ackley, III, PhD, Intersex Individual, Consultant

Cheryl Etu, MA, MSW, Clinical Social Worker